Scores Keeper – FAQ – EN

ic_launcherThis is a little article responding to frequently asked questions.

  • About permissions required by Keeper Scores 

Like all Android applications, Scores Keeper request permissions to run. Here is the list and their use:

  1. Location: it is used to specify the city in the name of the tournament during its creation
  2. Internet: This lets you know the name of the city using GPS coordinates
  3. Contacts: This permission allows participants to easily create from your contacts list. Only the name and email of the contact are imported to facilitate the sharing of results.
  • How to import participants ?

The import is done by opening your CSV file by placing it on your SD card and opening it with an application like GMail or file explorer. This file consists of three columns:

  1. participant’s name
  2. participant’s email  (optional)
  3. a number identifying the icon of the participant (optional, from 0 to 27)

For example :

Benoit Android;;5

  • How does the pro rata calculation of scores works ?

This calculation is made to avoid penalizing participants who have played fewer matches than others. For example, if two participants each won two matches, they’ll have the same score (6 points each). But if one has played 2 matches (he has won them all) and the other 3 matches (he has lost 1), the pro rata calculate the score like this:

Score = Initial Score / number of match played

Participant 1’s Score = 6 / 2 = 3
Participant 2’s Score = 6 / 3 = 2

Then, participant 1 will win because he won all his matches while the participant 2 will be because he has lost.

  • I can’t share my tournament on Facebook !

Unfortunately, it’s a famous known bug with Android Facebook application 😦 . However, Scores Keeper creates an image of your results so you can share it. In addition, with recent Android versions, the results are copied to the clipboard so you can paste it into your publication if you wish. These solutions are not perfect but still allow to share your results.

  • How can I share a tournament with my friends ?

In the tournament list, perform a long click on a tournament and click on Share Results. Then, select your sharing mode. It’s also possible to access this menu by clicking on Menu button in a tournament.

  • How to create a championship and get an overall?

Everything is explained in the following tutorial by clicking this link.

  • How do I send my tournament to another phone also with the application « Scores Keeper »?

Display a tournament and click on Menu and then Send tournament. Then select the method of delivery of this tournament. Usually the application will offer you a choice between Gmail and Bluetooth to send a CSV file containing all the tournament informations.
After receiving the file it will then suffice to open it to activate the import process of Score Keeper. It will be possible to change the name of the tournament and the activity before importing it.
Note that the transfer Bluetooth may not always execute the application score Keeper to perform the import, so I recommend using Gmail.


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11 responses to “Scores Keeper – FAQ – EN”

  1. 000 says :


    It would be very good, if you can an extension to add some rounds and matches at the start and after that we can add the results…

    Thanks a lot


    • Benoît says :

      Hello Zezazz,

      I’m nowly thinking about adding the ability to change the order of matches and rounds. It should correspond at your need. This evolution should be part of the next version.


  2. P-O Håkansson says :

    We use your nice app to keep track of our scores when we play table hockey (see during our coffee breaks at work.

    Could you please explain the formula behind the score calculation for the « Pro rata »?

    Thanks from Sweden,
    P-O Håkansson

    • Benoît says :

      Salut 🙂

      That’s a good question ! Actually it calculate the score depending on the number of matches played by a participant. So participants who have played fewer matches won’t be penalized. I posted an example in this article.

      Table hockey seems very fun 🙂 Have fun !


  3. Antony Westgate says :

    Hi, this is a great app!
    Will there be an iPhone version?
    Can the running order of matches be entered before the start of the tournament, so only scores need to be updated on the day?
    Some football tournaments give 1 point for a no score draw, and 2 points for a score draw. Is it possible to do this with the scoring?
    Many thanks,

    • Benoît says :

      Hi again 🙂

      About the running order, it’s possible to enter all the matches manually and then update them. I guess a good evolution would be to generate matches and then update it. I note it.

      Concerning the points for a draw or not, it’s alradey possible by clicking menu on a tournament and parameters.

      Enjoy !


  4. mark says :

    How do we add custom names to tournaments.

  5. Kristen says :


    I have a question about the participants portion of the app. If you created a participant who is not from your contacts, how do you change their name? I found out after the game that they spell it differently, but I don’t know how to change it.


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